Sidur Beit Polin: A New Prayer Book, a New Moment For Jewish Rebirth and Development
Cover of the Prayer Book

Beit Polska is most pleased to announce the publication of a historic prayer book for the Union of Progressive Congregations in Poland – Sidur Beit Polin: Modlitewnik na Dni Powszednie, Szabaty i Swieta.

This prayer book is the first Polish Progressive prayer book since before World War II.

Sidur Beit Polin is gender sensitive, which is a new idea in Polish religious life. It features a contemporary Polish translation with Hebrew facing and a complete transliteration of all the Hebrew prayers. It contains Shabbat and Festival prayers as well as home ceremonies. Its beautiful series of readings and meditations will lead people back in to prayer.

The editor of the Sidur is Rabbi Gil Nativ but the project was conceived during Rabbi Burt Schuman's tenure. Rabbi Nativ is well-known for his work in liturgical development in Modern Hebrew based on his extensive knowledge of the history of the prayer book's development. Countless hours checking the accuracy of the Hebrew text was also invested by Zivah Nativ.

Marek Jezowski was the primary translator and Polish language expert. Other translators include Katka Mazurczak and Joanna Auron-Gorska. Readers for the Sidur include Halina Postek, and Shira Hadasa Olgyay-Stawikowska.  Joanna Czopnik and Judyta-Avigail Sulicz created the graphics. The beautiful cover was designed by Marta Krzeszowska. A unique feature of this prayer book are the soon to be added internet links to essays in Polish about the history and development of modern prayer books in Poland. In preparation for the translation of the Sidur the curriculum of the lay cantor's program was developed from Hebrew and English background materials including Rabbi Bruce Kadden and Barbara Kadden's manual Teaching Tefilah: Insights and Activities on Prayer.

Early comment on the Sidur has hailed it as an achievement for the modern Polish language parallel to the pioneering work of 19th Century Progressive Rabbi Isaac Cylkow's translation of the Hebrew Bible to Polish. Reflecting on the Polish translation by Marek Jezowski, Piotr Stasiak, the former chairman of the umbrella organization Beit Polska shared his delight in singing the famous hymn Adon Olam: "It (the meter) works both in Polish and Hebrew!" he exclaimed.

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