Building a Jewish Foundation for Children

We Strongly believe that the Polish Jewish community's future lies with its children.

Our religious education programs are challenged to serve a large number of children from interfaith homes. We work hard (and successfully) to create an atmosphere that the children enjoy. The friendships they make and projects they work on keep the children coming back.

Also helping us meet the challenge are guided group discussions for the parents of religious school children.

Shabbat Gam Yachad, our monthly children’s activities, connect the children with the Jewish holidays and introduces the weekly Torah portion to them. Most of the children who attend have not had any Jewish experience before. Watching them walk with small Torah scrolls around the room during the Torah procession, or waving Israeli flags on Yom Haatzmaut is really heartwarming.
A new approach to educating local Jewish children in Poland has been operating in Beit Warszawa since the Fall of 2012.

Although the Sunday School model is a reasonable approach to Jewish childhood education, we favor a school that meets on Saturday mornings for the following reasons: