Learning to be Jewish

In Poland, because there has always been great incentive for Jews to assimilate or leave, people have only the sketchiest sense of Jewishness, Judaism and being Jewish. Many people are tentative about their connection to Jews and Judaism.

Beit Polska and Beit Warszawa offer an open and welcoming spirit to all who seek to connect to Judaism and the Jewish People. We are working enthusiastically to re-build a revived Jewish community in Poland.

We embrace people with many different motivations who come to our services and activities. Every person who comes with an open heart and mind is welcome to our congregation.

Our goal is to build an accepting community that recognizes that, for many people, the challenges of Jewishness and Judaism are complex. Some individuals who participate believe they have "Jewish roots". Some are seeking to understand Judaism as a faith community but believe that being Jewish is a matter of "blood." Both blood (a Jewish soul inherited from an ancestor) and belief (without dogmas) are roots of the Jewish Tree of Life.

Others are simply curious about Jewish customs and beliefs, and seek to fill their minds with the teachings of Jewish wisdom. Yet others, feel a bond with the music, culture and traditions of Judaism and want to understand their friends who are re-discovering their Jewish identities.

For some of those who are serious, this search may lead to formally joining the Jewish People. For others it may lead to a greater appreciation and respect for the nobility of Jewish hopes and ideals.

Carefully trained professionals and numerous experienced volunteers are available to meet and counsel each individual . We offer the opportunity to talk with a Progressive Rabbi or a peer who has some experience connecting with the Jewish community.

Many Poles have Jewish souls, writes Rabbi Allen S. Maller, who taught at Beit Warszawa for two months in 2010.