Twin With Beit Polska's Congregations and People
Rabbi Burt Schuman leads a Bat Mitzvah at Beit Warszawa.

Rabbi Burt Schuman leads a Bat Mitzvah at Beit Warszawa.

Twinning -- partnering between individuals or organizations -- creates bonds of fellowship and resources for mutual benefit.

The individuals we are welcoming as they reconnect with Judaism benefit enormously from connection with their contemporaries.

Twin your celebration! Add an enriching dimension to your Bar or Bat Mitzvah. We will endeavor to pair you with a Polish young person who is preparing for entering adult Jewish life.

Twin your congregation! The adventure of twinning with one of Beit Polska's emerging communities will connect congregation members with their roots. Twinned communities exchange visitors (financed, perhaps, with donated miles), cybervisit, share experiences, hold reading and study groups together. Your congregation will help its Polish counterpart feel more connected to the Jewish world.

Endless possibilites for twinning! The possibilities for connecting with your Jewish counterparts in Poland are limited only by your imagination. Please discuss your creative suggestions with Beit Polska's Board Member Dominika Zakrzewska ( or with Jerry Fenning ( Jerry Fenning is a member of Temple Beth Israel of Pomona and member of the board of Friends of Jewish Renewal in Poland.