Jewish Renewal in Poland

We are fostering a vibrant renewal of Judaism in Poland. Working together, the Friends of Jewish Renewal in Poland along with the World Union for Progressive Judaism and the European Union for Progressive Judaism are opening the doors of Judaism to many of Poland's estimated 200,000 potential Jews and building the framework for renewed religious life. Our outreach programs focus on educating individuals and helping them build Progressive religious communities, or havurot, which are incipient congregations. So far we have established havurot in numerous Polish cities. Some are on their way to becoming congregations. Jewish Renewal in Poland embraces continuity with the Jewish past in Poland, but it is not a memorial project. Continue reading or take a quick tour of our work by rolling your mouse over the bars below.

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Connect with us! Connect with your roots!

Connect with Beit Warszawa. Spend a Shabbat with us at the Progressive Movement's flagship synagogue. Read more.

When visiting Poland Let us help you plan an itinerary that includes today's emerging Jewish community as well as historical places. Read more.

Volunteer in Poland. Lend your particular expertise and make a difference in people's lives. Learn more.

Twinning. Twin your congregation or bar/bat mitzvah with emerging havurot, synagogues or young people in Poland. Learn more.

Be inspired by our programs!

Training Prayer Leaders for New Communities. We are training lay Jewish prayer leaders to bring prayer, music, a sense of Shabbat and holiday celebrations to Poland's newly forming Jewish communities. Read more.

Building a Jewish Foundation for Children. Our religious education, camping, Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation and tot programs serve a large number of children from interfaith homes. Read more.

New Jewish Communities. This year we are starting new communities in eight cities in Poland. As we become more visible, more Jews find their way to us. Read more.

Music, be it cabaret or orchestral, is the proven way to bring people together in Poland. The Shir Aviv choir (pictured) performs Jewish music around the country.Read more.

Support the projects reviving Judaism in Poland

Writing a Torah for Each New Polish congregation. Each community needs a Torah and prayer books. We are ready to “test-drive” and print the Polish version of the Progressive Jewish prayer book based on Mishkan Tefilah. Read more.

Visiting Artists, Rabbis and Teachers. Our programs, involving leading academicians and rabbis as well as artists like Theodore Bikel (pictured) bring cultural and intellecutal substance to our outreach. Read more.

Growing Progressive Judaism. We are presenting speakers and programs around Poland to counteract stereotypes and promote an appreciation of the Progressive Jewish Movement. Read more.

Learning to be Jewish. We are opening the doors of Judaism to those who are seeking a religious path, in the classroom, online and with traditional Seder fellowship. Read more.