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KEE TAVOH September 23rd, 2016/20 Elul 5776 – This week’s Torah reading celebrates the bringing of the first fruits (Deut. 26: 1 – 11) While in the forty years of wanderings the observance of some of the Torah’s teachings were on a theoretical level. Now during the last parts of Moses address in Deuteronomy he directs the people ... Polish Jews Reviving

70th Commemoration of the Kielce Pogrom; Insider’s Poland Summer 2016 This past summer, on July 2, the people of Kielce gathered for the premier of the documentary Bogdan’s Journey. The movie describes a series of public conversations and ceremonies led by Dr. Bialek that focused attention on the events of the July 4, 1946 pogrom. Until the arrival of Dr. Bogdan Bialek the events were “forgotten” ... Rabbi Beliak's Blog