Friends of Jewish Renewal In Poland

We are fostering a vibrant renewal of Judaism in Poland. Working together, the Friends of Jewish Renewal in Poland along with the World Union for Progressive Judaism and the European Union for Progressive Judaism are opening the doors of Judaism to many of Poland's estimated 200,000 potential Jews and building the framework for renewed religious life. Our outreach programs focus on educating individuals and helping them build Progressive religious communities, or havurot, which are incipient congregations. So far we have established havurot in numerous Polish cities. Some are on their way to becoming congregations. Jewish Renewal in Poland embraces continuity with the Jewish past in Poland, but it is not a memorial project. Continue reading.

Featured This Month

A New Prayer Book, a New Moment For Jewish Rebirth and Development! Beit Polska is most pleased to announce the publication of a historic prayer book for the Union of Progressive Congregations in Poland – Sidur Bejt Polin. Copies of the Sidur will be mailed to sponsors of the project this coming month. For details about how to acquire your copy, please contact Learn more.

June 26th -July 1st 2016 Insiders' Tour of Poland Led by Rabbi Haim Beliak, Executive Director of Friends of Jewish Renewal in Poland (Beit Polska). This fascinating tour will focus on the diversity of viewpoints that made Polish Jewish life the source of modern Jewish life—from Jewish socialism, to Yiddish culture, to the various branches of Zionism, to Hassidic communities. A participant of the 2015 tour praised it as "a wonderful and memorably meaningful trip -- really a kind of pilgrimage where we learned and learned." To learn more write to

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